Client Services

The ATF of the Upper Ohio Valley contracts with the WV Department of Health and Human Resources to provide medical case management, core medical services and limited support services to West Virginia residents living with HIV / AIDS. Services are provided through the WV Ryan White Part B Program.

Medical Case Management

Access to all WV Ryan White Part B services are initiated through a medical case manager assigned to six regions of the state.

Services provided by medical case managers include:
➢ assessments of needs
➢ treatment adherence counseling
➢ service plan development
➢ benefits counseling
➢ referrals for medical care and support services
➢ linkage to healthcare and psychosocial services

Medical case management services are available regardless of income.

Ryan White Part B core medical services are accessed through the regional medical case manager. Services are provided based on available funding.

Core medical services include:
➢ outpatient ambulatory medical care
➢ pharmacy assistance
➢ oral health
➢ home health
➢ mental health therapy
➢ outpatient substance abuse treatment
➢ health insurance continuation

Ryan White Part B support services provided through the Ryan White Part B Program include:
➢ transportation for HIV primary care
➢ food vouchers
➢ limited vision services


Ryan White Part B core medical and support services require that participants meet the current eligibility guidelines which include:

➢ West Virginia residency
➢ HIV infection verified in writing
➢ verified total family income that is equal to or less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level for core services and 400% for support services
➢ Ryan White Part B dollars are utilized as payer of last resort

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

The ATF provides supportive administrative services to the WV Part B ADAP.

The WV ADAP has a formulary of  medications that includes all FDA approved antiretrovirals and additional ancillary medications. Enrollment is managed through the ATF and enrollment in Ryan White Part B medical case management is also required.

ADAP Eligibility Guidelines include:

➢ West Virginia residency
➢ verified HIV infection
➢ completed WV ADAP application
➢ verified total family incomes that is equal to or less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level
➢ Enrollment in Medicare Part D is required for Medicare participants

The WV ADAP provides wrap around services for persons with insurance and or Medicare Part D. Wrap around services include payments for deductibles, co pays and assistance during periods of non coverage or limited coverage such as the Medicare Part D donut hole.

Ryan White Funded Clinics:

CAMC, Charleston, WV
WVU Positive Health Clinic, Morgantown, WV and Wheeling, WV
Shenandoah Valley Medical System, Martinsburg, WV
Portsmouth City Health Department, Huntington, WV
Pittsburgh AIDS Center for Treatment, Pittsburgh, PA

For additional information about HIV care and treatment, readers are encouraged to visit the following websites:

WV HOPWA Funded Sites

Housing and supportive services are crucial to ensuring that PLWHA remain in HIV primary care. Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS, (HOPWA) provides services that help PLWHA maintain stable housing, reduce risks of homelessness and improve access to care. Four sites provide statewide HOPWA services in WV:

Caritas House, Morgantown, WV
Community Networks, Martinsburg, WV
Covenant House, Charleston, WV
WVU Research Corporation, Morgantown, WV


HOPWA sites may be reached via: