HIV Prevention

The ATF provides free presentations related to HIV prevention to groups and individuals residing in the Upper Ohio Valley area. Condoms and HIV prevention brochures are available free of charge.
AIDS Memorial Quilt
The ATF is the home of the only West Virginia Chapter of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt.
Blocks of the Quilt, measuring 12ft x 12ft are available for display at churches, schools and for private groups. The NAMES Project Foundation, Upper Ohio Valley Chapter is a project of the ATF. A typical block consists of eight individual three foot by six foot panels sewn together. Virtually every 3 ft x 6ft panel of the Quilt memorializes the life of a person who has died from AIDS. There are over 44,000 panels on the Quilt.
Many blocks of the Quilt have been created to memorialize Upper Ohio Valley residents.
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The ATF encourages readers to seek more information related to HIV prevention at the following websites:
Locations of WV AIDS Prevention Centers are available at: